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BAEYD INTERNATIONAL LIMTED aims to be a pioneer in warehousing by offering customers storage spaces for rent. Governments drive of policies towards agriculture to diversify the economy and help generate employment and income for the masses, a great advantage arises due to the shortage of storage spaces available to farmers, distributors and marketers alike. BAEYD plans to take advantage of this loophole by establishing well ahead of time.

BAEYD plans to offer at-least 5 different sizes of warehouse storage rooms to customers. We plan to offer a room of 17ft by 17ft, 30ft by 30ft, 50ft by 20ft, and large rooms of about 65t by 40ft and 85ft by 40ft to accommodate the space requirements of different levels of customers.

The intention is to draw customers from different sectors of the economy, ranging from farmers, to wholesalers of goods, to importers of spare parts, clothes, furniture and electronics, to students on holiday who no longer need to pay rent on their apartments, to manufacturers that need to store raw materials to keep the supply chain active, suppliers who need a stop for inventory and sorting before proceeding to deliver to customers.

These are customers that will be able to use our services to help their businesses grow or help manufacturers prevent losses through unforeseeable situations that might affect their supply-chains.

BAEYD aims to build similar facilities near major agricultural, commercial and trading clusters all over the country.

Our capabilities at BaeyD enables us to offer our clients a variety of services including:

  • ENGINEERING SERVICES: BaeyD provides a broad range of engineering services including energy solutions such as design & installation of solar/wind energy systems, electrical installations, building/equipment wiring services. Optical fiber installation, broadcasting, communication, multimedia, CCTV/security systems installation.
  • DESIGN & BUILD & MANAGE: BaeyD can design and construct residential, commercial, estates, plazas, markets, warehouses and industrial buildings, as well as maintain, improve or manage such facilities.
  • PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY: BaeyD can offer procurement and supply services right from identifying the needs, choosing adequate procurement methods, sourcing suppliers and evaluating their offers with the sole purpose of satisfying the clients needs.
  • PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: BaeyD is being proactive by engaging and enquiring foreign companies about projects they are interested in, and getting the necessary information and paperwork like government approvals and licenses in order to make it easy and smooth for the foreign companies to participate in. We therefore would like any companies to contact us about their projects and ideas they might have, and we promise to move it further along towards implementation.

BaeyD is looking for Foreign Companies with interests in construction, manufacturing and mining to participate in the development of Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa, battling decaying infrastructure, unemployment and dwindling resources despite its vast untapped natural resources.

We therefore would like any companies to contact us about their projects and ideas they might have, and we promise to help move it further along towards implementation.

Cashew Nut

Cashew is a tropical tree that produces the cashew apple and cashew seed which produces various derivatives used in many applications.

Uses: Cashew seed oil is a natural resin used in developing drugs, anti-oxidants, fungicides and biomaterials.

  • Packing: 50/80/100kg P/P Bags
  • Stuffing: 15MT per 20’ Container
  • Origin: Nigeria
Cashewnut humnail Cashew Nut (Raw)
Cashewnut humnail
Cashew Nut
Ginger Thumnail
Gum Arabic I Thumnail
Gum Arabic
Hibiscus Flower Black Thumnail
Hibiscus Flower
Sheanut Thumnail
Shea Nuts
Sheba Thumnail
Stone Flower
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In line with BAEYDs plan for sustainable food production, BAEYD is interested in the commercial farming of crops, poultry rearing of broilers for meat, layers for eggs, turkey for meat and fish. This will help raise the availability of poultry meat and eggs in the country.